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Who are my neighbors?

The advantage terror groups have in the information campaign against the West is two-fold: inflaming a culture of fear and recruiting from disenfranchised populations as a result of the culture of fear.  The culture of fear is propagated by a Western desire for isolation and a poor understanding of the unfamiliar culture.  The disenfranchised populations used as a base for terror recruitment becomes disjointed for a myriad of reasons: social stigma of convicted imprisonment, religiously mandated separation from surrounding culture, individual sense of elitism, propagated sense of victimization, and more.  Terror groups, foreign and domestic, play on the fears of the West to create a sense of victimization among their most desirable recruiting demographic. “They (the West) fears you because…” “Because they fear you, you will never/always be treated…”  “We (the group) are the only ones that…(understand, can help, have a plan)”


Labeling and categorizing information is important to the West in making the unknown understood because of the credibility and focus on empirical study.  Nothing except religion is accepted on faith and because of that there is a Western perception that anything that must be accepted on faith is indiscernible unless one shares the accepting faith.  This perception is exploited and continuously propagated by terror groups.  Terror groups intend for the culture of their recruitment base to remain inscrutable.  It creates the advantage described.


A basic understanding of unfamiliar culture is necessary in preventing development of and combating a culture of fear.  Understanding the dress and habits of an unfamiliar culture is the first step and dissipates the fear associated with the unknown.  This is not to say that recognizing the dress or habits of an individual will eradicate the fear but it will further rational response versus a knee-jerk reaction.


Unfamiliar Cultures





            Eastern European


            Central American



Unfamiliar Dress

                        Head Covering


                        Body Covering


Unfamiliar Habits 

Chawi Giza, Guardian Eye, or Evil Eye

Nothing binds a culture in fear faster than ignorance